All-in-One Business Management Software

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software suite that integrates seamlessly to streamline various business processes.

With modules covering everything from CRM and inventory management to e-commerce and accounting, Odoo is designed to empower businesses with a unified platform.


Your All-in-One Solution for Productive Teams

Discover the power of Odoo’s extensive features that cater to every aspect of business management:


Strengthen your customer relationships with Odoo's CRM module, managing leads, opportunities, and customer interactions effectively.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory, optimize procurement, and ensure efficient warehouse management with Odoo's robust inventory tools.


Simplify financial management with Odoo's accounting module, featuring invoicing, expense tracking, and real-time reporting.


Boost your online presence with Odoo's e-commerce capabilities, enabling you to create, manage, and analyze your online store seamlessly.

Project Management

Collaborate effortlessly with your team using Odoo's project management tools, ensuring efficient project planning, tracking, and reporting.

HR Management

While our primary focus is HR & payroll solutions, Odoo's HR module complements SkillMind's offerings, providing a comprehensive suite for managing employee data, attendance, and performance.

Why Choose Odoo

  • Enhanced Business Efficiency: The collaboration between SkillMind and Odoo ensures a holistic approach to business management, bringing together HR, payroll, and all other vital aspects under one unified platform.
  • Global Best Practices: Odoo’s global recognition and presence introduce international best practices to businesses in Kenya, ensuring they stay competitive on a global scale.
  • Innovation and Scalability: SkillMind and Odoo together offer scalable solutions that grow with your business. The partnership emphasizes innovation, allowing businesses to adapt to evolving industry trends.
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